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Omaha Lead Registry
Omaha Lead Registry

What is

Got is a project put together by Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance and the City of Omaha to create a one-stop location for people to learn about lead poisoning and risks of exposure. We realized that there’s a lot of information out there, and it’s hard to dig through it all. So, we went about gathering as much relevant information as we could, then turning it into this website with the help of the folks at Round and Round and Tessa Wedberg.

The result is — a resource that can be used by all of Omaha’s residents to educate themselves about lead poisoning and its effects. Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance is a nonprofit organization that works to create a Healthy Home for every child. Its main goal is to bring awareness and education to families in the city about environmental hazards, green and Healthy Homes, and lead poisoning. We believe that education is fundamental for empowering people and creating change. Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance strives to create environmental equality in Omaha for all by offering education on health hazards in the home, tenant legal rights, environmental testing, and information on the community resources available in the city. If you’d like to have Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance’s staff assess your home for health and safety hazards, please call (402) 934-9700.

The City of Omaha Lead Hazard Control Program’s main goal is to protect children from lead poisoning by providing assistance for lead-based paint hazard control to Omaha’s homes. They also work to promote training and employment for Omaha’s residents and to stimulate the integration of lead-safe work practices. If you would like to apply to the program or require additional information, please contact the City of Omaha Planning Department at (402) 444-7903.

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