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Omaha Lead Registry
Omaha Lead Registry

What is

Got is a project put together by the City of Omaha Lead Information Office to create a one-stop location for people to learn about lead poisoning and risks of exposure. We realized that there’s a lot of information out there, and it’s hard to dig through it all. So, we went about gathering as much relevant information as we could, then turning it into this website.

The result is — a resource that can be used by all of Omaha’s residents to educate themselves about lead poisoning and its effects. 

The Lead Information Office (LIO) is managed by the City of Omaha Planning Department, Community Development Division. The purpose of the LIO is to answer questions and provide documentation to property owners, real estate agents and housing organizations about activities undertaken by the EPA and City of Omaha to correct lead hazards associated with the Omaha Lead Superfund Site. Every day the LIO answers the following questions:

For inquiries pertaining to your property, please contact our office at (402) 731-3045.

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Omaha Lead Registry
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